stockholm 3

In 1961, Öhrström’s first 20-ft. tall glass fountain was installed in the new Vasa House in Stockholm.
Suspended above the head of one who enters the building, beneath a ceiling with overhead lighting, it produces the effect of a sparkling bejewelled fountain, with its play of facets and flashes of red and blue in otherwise colourless glass. If it can be compared to anything else, then it may be said to resemble a gigantic and sumptuous jewel; it is at any rate quite unlike anything one associates with architectural space decor. In this entrance hall, with its rather hard and severely functional interior, and with its red escalator, the fountain focuses and enriches the effects of the room with consummate harmony. In fact, it seems so utterly right in this very spot that one is forced to con-clude that Öhrström must have paid special heed to the dictates of modern architecture with its artis-tic needs.